Fires and Stoves Chester are proud to be an Authorised Dealer in the Cheshire and Merseyside area for the prestige range of gas and solid fuel fireplaces designed and manufactured by Bellfires in the Netherlands.

Bellfires understand better than anyone how much a fireplace can enrich your life. Since 1976 Bellfires have provided the ultimate fire experience. With passion, heart warming craftsmanship and attention to detail Bellfires manufacture outstanding gas and wood fires. Your fireplace will be created with a sense of style: timeless or contemporary. The choice offers a wide range of models and infinite possible combinations.

There are different series within the Bellfires range of products- each with its own specific advantages.

Original Bell – The appliances in this series are closed built in gas fireplaces which offers the most built in options and freedom of choice. The wide variety of sizes makes this fireplace suitable for any interior.

Smart Bell - Appliances in this series are closed fireplaces that are suitable for as insert or built in. Their limited depth makes them particularly suitable for renovation projects.

Unica – Appliances in this series are open gas fireplaces. These are mainly suitable for as insert fireplaces for an existing flue. They can also be fitted with a fan and/or ambiance lighting for a more intensive fireplace experience.

We have a range of Bellfires on live display in our Chester show room for you to view. Our experienced sales staff have been trained by the Bellfires team in Belgium to support and advise you through the whole process. From deciding on the appliance best suited to your personal taste and aesthetic requirements through to full installation of this specialist product by our highly experienced fully qualified fitters.

Service and warranty

Bellfires ensure that their very special fireplaces deserve the very best service. As your Bellfire dealer we will help you with any failure as quickly as possible, if necessary assisted by the Bellfires technical team.

Bellfires give you a 10 year warranty on the body of the appliance and 2 years on the parts. Bellfires guarantees that vital parts will be available at least 10 years after the production of the model has stopped.

Bellfires are only supplied by a network of professional dealers who guarantee responsible and safe installation.

Want to enjoy your fireplace without end? Then ensure you contact your dealer carry out annual maintenance for your appliance.

You can check out the full product range on their website at