Fires and Stoves in Chester are proud to be a main Authorised Dealer in the Cheshire and Merseyside area for the prestige range of RAIS gas and wood burning stoves.

RAIS develop design and manufacture stoves inserts and accessories of the very highest quality. RAIS offers a whole series of eye-catching solutions available no where else. From the RAIS production facilities in Denmark the team work to create the very best product - every time. That is why you can be sure that when you choose a product from RAIS , you will get Danish design that never compromises on quality. RAIS call this “The Art of Fire”

RAIS is renowned for uniting aesthetics and technology and pay attention to even the smallest of detail in the design of their products which makes RAIS stoves elegant and stylistically pure. They should be beautiful to behold – either when in use or just functioning as a design element in your home.

RAIS fires compliment the fire, heat well and allow effective combustion, benefiting your heating budget and the environment. RAIS achieve this through intensive construction work and using the very best materials within the production of the appliance.

RAIS exports a large portion of their products to countries around the world. Up to 90% of production goes to Western Europe and the United States.


Many questions arise when choosing your new stove.

  • Where will you get the most from your stove?
  • Where is there a chimney?
  • Stand alone or built in?

You may consider what colour and shape will best match your home and whether you want a traditional wood burning or gas stove operated by remote control.

Will you adjust the air control yourself or will you want CleverAir – an automatic air control that regulates air flow to the stove all by itself.

RAIS stoves with automatic features make it easy for you to heat in a way that is economical and environmentally friendly. The only thing you have to do is light the fire; add firewood and Clever Air takes care of the rest automatically.

CleverAir  is intelligent combustion technology that ensures proper and optimal air supply to your stove. With exactly the right amount of air you get the finest, most efficient combustion.

This means that your stove burns clean, which keeps the window in your stove clean. You also burn firewood optimally therefore cutting down on your heating budget.


RAIS has designed a series of gas burning stoves both freestanding and inserts.

These are a range of beautiful stoves with a stream lined design and with the high degree of convenience which comes with a gas appliance.

We have a range of RAIS stoves on live display in our Chester show room for you to view. Our experienced sales staff are available  to support and advise you through the whole process. From deciding on the appliance best suited to your personal taste and aesthetic requirements through to full installation of this specialist product by our highly experienced fully qualified fitters.


With RAIS customizer you can individually customise your choice of stoves appearance the way you think it looks best and matches with your homes decor, style and design.

  • You can choose;
  • The height of your stove
  • The colour from a palette of different hues
  • The shape of the door
  • The type and colour of the handle
  • Whether you want automatic features
  • Plus a whole range of other details specific to the model of stove. This way you can create your very own stove.

You can check out the customiser on the Rais website at www.rais.com